Our technological and regulatory enviroments are constantly changing. Costs of reaching and screening talent are declining while costs of benefits administration are on the rise.  

Carmichael Consulting Group shifts HCM expenses in your favor.   All human resource-related tasks move from your HR desk to ours. We will free you from weekly payroll processing and tax administration as well as the burden of managing contract workers through the changing world of federal, state and local regulations.


Who is Carmichael Consulting?


​​In 2016, after 8+ years experience in the financial industry and Human Resources, Angie Carmichael, saw a unique opportunity for Payrolling Services.

As the appetite for expensive full service recruiting firms declined, Angie found a niche in companies seeking to perform in-house recruiting while keeping their HCM expenses in check.  Traditional staffing companies can charge over 50% premiums for using their recruiting services. However, with a payrolling service, you still get the regulation expertise, client dedication & employee benefits of a dedicated HCM department without having to pay for it.

Carmichael Consulting Group is a nationwide, one-stop shop that specializes in employment-related Tax and Compliance matters including: New Hire Onboarding and Reporting, Wage Garnishments, I-9 and Health Care Reform Compliance, Paychecks and other headaches you don’t have time for.

Our promise is a dramatic reduction in time, effort and money spent on payroll administration. You get a consistent & compliant process from beginning to end from a partner that listens to your needs.

Advantages include; easy web solutions that are effortless and a navigable online system for you & your employees. 

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